The White Shoe Irregular:
It was fun while it lasted.

Randomly Chosen Words and Their Multisyllabic Rhyming Companions, as Suggested by the International Library of Poetry's Online Rhyming Dictionary

Quinn Warnick

heart — external body part
rope — continental slope
life — linoleum knife
rose — HMOs
fruit — house of ill repute
desk — Reaganesque
wine — equity credit line
love — under the thumb of
girl — sausage curl
ache — burning at the stake
true — Blink 182
rain — capital of Bahrain
lace — potato race
hold — cellular slime mold
poem — Jeroboam
flag — coefficient of drag
sun — Thompson submachine gun
hand — Custer's last stand
glass — liquified petroleum gas
light — toxic waste site
burn — giant scrambling fern
drink — ice hockey rink
trust — interplanetary dust
feet — reinforced concrete
test — gateway to the West
hug — hallucinogenic drug
take — Salisbury steak
loser — guided missile cruiser