The White Shoe Irregular:
It was fun while it lasted.

Introductory Phrases that May or May Not Help You Climb the Corporate Ladder

Justin Rood

"Jimmy, meet Bob. He's a real A-List guy."
"Bob, meet Jimmy. You guys are both on my A-list, I can't believe you haven't met before."

Class Act (alt. usg: All the Way)
"Sarah here is a real class act." (Alt usg.: "Sarah here is a class act, all the way.")

Real Stand-Up Guy (alt. usg: Always Does the Right Thing)
"You'll like Chizzy — he's a real stand-up guy." (Alt usg.: "Chizzy's a real stand-up guy, always does the right thing.")

Giant of a Talent
"Tammy is a real talent, a real giant of a talent."

Solid Gold
"What can I say about Frankie? He's one solid gold guy. Twenty-four carats, this fella."

Got the Gift
"Fernelli — don't deny it, Fern — he's really got the gift." (Note: Do not specify what gift.)

Spins It Like Penelope
"Jenny, she's a fine gal. She really spins it like Penelope." (Note: this is an obscure reference to Greek mythology, in which Odysseus' wife (Penelope) demonstrated her virtue by staying home and spinning while Odysseus went on his voyage. Five point bonus for using this one.)

Can Really Juice an Orange
"Bob here's a square dude. He can really juice an orange." (Two point bonus.)

Let the Dogs Out
"Bob here's an awesome guy. He let the dogs out."

Also, when introducing a friend and his/her significant other:

Little Twist of Lime
"Julius, meet Tabitha, and her little twist of lime, Robert." (Variant: "Little Piece of Chicken")

[Author's Note: Thanks to Rebecca Carroll.]