The White Shoe Irregular:
It was fun while it lasted.

Recent Contributors to The New Yorker

Holly Smith

Everett Jones ("It's Like Drachmas in the Mail," p. 55) is a senior foreign correspondent for Val-Pak.

Peter Aikens ("[Fwd: Fwd: Ha Ha!]," p. 70) delights friends, relatives and former co-workers with forwarded e-mail. Currently between jobs, he's at work on a screenplay.

Mohammed Idri ("Letter from Afghanistan," p. 87) wages jihad under the name Mahmood el Siddiq bin Awahali.

John Swanson ("My Kampf," p. 51) is a former editorial assistant for the magazine. This article's publication fulfills the terms of a judgment against Condé Nast Publications, Inc.

Eddie Wayne Wilson ("Screed of Myself," p. 43) next comes up for parole in 2012.

C. L. Bamberg (Poetry, p. 90) is the author of the four-volume collection, Haiku: The Beauty of Brevity.

Warren Boyd ("A Reader from Terra Haute," p. 40) enjoys writing customer reviews on

Karen Bond (Letters, p. 34) is a Seattle-based performance artist and Web designer. A collection of her work, IMF SUX IMHO, will be published next spring.

April Marsten ("Vile! Solipsistic! Ick!," p. 109) covers Elizabeth Wurtzel for the magazine.