The White Shoe Irregular:
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A Recent Advertisement, Found on, Grammar and Spelling Uncorrected

J. Alpern

Franchise Oppertunity

We are looking for highly intovated people that already have a storefront and can run a franchise business within the store you already have all you have to do is put our store banner up in your store and sell our services, we are loking for a Austin, Texas Franchise Owner, and a Dallas/Ft Worh, Texas Franchise owner, at this time. So if you have a store front within The Austin, Texas City Limits, or The Travis County Line, and the Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas City Limits or the Dallas/Terrant County Lines and you feel that you can do this and are a store owner and have a high school deploma and have a store front in one of these areas then feel free to submit a resume/application…

Location: Auston, Texas/State of Texas
Available Immediately