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Several "West Wing" Viewers Fail to Grasp the Difference between Fact and Fiction: A Tribute to Mrs. Landingham

Quinn Warnick

[Note: The following messages were posted to website devoted to mourning the passing of Delores Landingham, a character on television's "The West Wing." Spelling and punctuation have been left uncorrected.]

• You were like my great aunt. You made days in the west wing brighter and better. We will always miss you.

• Secretary, parent-surrogate, voice of the common man. For more than 40 years, You were a constant in the lives of Josiah Bartlet and his family. You gave more than your share to your country, and you kept giving. You lost your own sons, and still gave America a president who leaned his core values from you. You were the conscience of a nation, a conscience who kept a cookie jar on her desk.

• Buenos noches, mi amigo. Vaya con Dio.

• Despite the pain in her life, she never ceased to be a source of joy to those around her. Mrs. Landingham was a wonderful woman, whose warmth, loyalty, and grace will always be remembered. Thank you for all you did for the president and White House staff. You are loved and missed!

• You were a lady, Mrs. Landingham. A real, genuine, bona-fide lady. The desk in front of the Oval Office will never be the same without you there to scold the President for yelling.

• Delores Landingham was a wonderful woman. She is a really good assitance. I have always admire her. She will be miss.

• Mrs. Landingham, you were a mother figure to all in the West Wing, and will be missed as they go through the toughest fight ever. Please watch over them and continue to smack anyone upset the head when they do something bad.

• Vios Codios Mia Amiga-Shel.

• Your loyalty, love, and strength were an inspiration to all the Donnas, Margarets, Carols, Gingers, Bonnies, and Cathys of the world. Your devotion has inspired good men to greatness and tired women to strength. Enjoy your stay in Heaven — you deserve it.

• You were an inspiration, Mrs. L and you were a beautiful person. You made me believe in so many things, including how to feel better about myself. You were truly a matriarchal figure, not just to Charlie and Joss, but in a way, to me too. I'll miss you and your wit. Rest in peace among the stars.

• I DONT SPEAK ENGLISH, BUT HER GO MY MENSAGE: Mrss. Landingham, what word the portuguese do you speak? Nothing? Never? I am sory because not go understand what I am want touch. Exist one music em Portuguese this is: "SE CHOREI OU SE SORRI, O IMPORTANTE É QUE EMOÇÕES EU VIVI"

• In nomine patris, et filii, et spiritus sancti… Amen.