The White Shoe Irregular:
It was fun while it lasted.

No Wonder the Union Broke Up: Indecipherable yet Strangely Compelling Russian Ad Copy

Nancy Bauer

Entered tempting sale new female padding. They excellently vpityvayut to vlagu, tyuey uderzhivayut zapakh and sovsem they do not pass sound!

The yuovyy President OF SSHA gave ukazaniye to zamenit' vsekh of sekretarsh of the White House by aquarium small fishes. They open/disclose mouth, but in this case they keep silent.

How pizda do differ from female sexual/floor organs/controls? Female sexual/floor organs/controls are teplye, are vlazhnye and are calling to sebe. Pizda — this is khozyayka of female sexual/floor organs/controls.

Georgian sobirayetsya to svidaniye and tells the friend: — I will dress the white — white suit, white — white of boots, white — white jacket, white — white necktie I will be sovsem beautiful — Ty even green the cap of oden', sovsem as kefir you will be.