The White Shoe Irregular:
It was fun while it lasted.


The White Shoe Staff

CORRECTION: On 1 June 2000, "Jimmy's Dream" by Danny Golding was published with an obnoxious final paragraph. We regret letting Mr. Golding write for us.

CORRECTION: On 27 June 2000, "Lobsters 'R' Us" by Alan Sanchez was published in direct violation of an ACLU injunction against us. We regret the error.

CORRECTION: On 31 July 2000, we regret not having been read by 40,000 people. We should have been. Those people will never have that chance again. It's gone.

CORRECTION: On 20 August 2000, "Just Another Day…" by Jake Baxter completely slipped by us. We should have published it instead of whatever we did. Sorry, it was good stuff.

CORRECTION: On 1 September 2000, if you can remember what we printed, we're sorry for the whole thing. That was just a really bad day for all of us.

CORRECTION: On 29 November 2000, "This is Competely True" by Jason Wardle was published with, unbeknownst to us, several "untruths." We regret having lied to you.

CORRECTION: On 11 January 2001, we published way too many prepositional phrases, which led to some confusion for many readers as to who "did it." We apologize for this confusion. The answer was: Dudley. That's right, Dudley.

CORRECTION: On 15 Febraury 2001, "Wa, Wah, Wuh, Weh, Weee!" by Frank Lopling was published with an already copyrighted title. We apologize to all old-school rap groups. Just in general.