The White Shoe Irregular:
It was fun while it lasted.

Self-Help Books for Children

Alan Roberts

• You Put Your Right Hand In: The Hokey-Pokey Method to Potty Training

• "I Meant To Do That!" and Other Self-Destructive Lies

• I Know You Are, But What Am I, Really?

• Boys Are From Poopy World, Girls Are From Smelly Land

• "What Color Is Your Crayon?": Keeping the Brick for Yourself

• "I'm OK, You're Not My Real Brother!": Raising the Adoption Issue

• Barbies at the Gate: Female Myths and Stereotypes Your Parents Won't Tell You

• "Ouch! That Smarts!": Using Effective Words to Get Attention

• Children Who Hate Puppies and the Puppies Who Bite Them

• "Who Said That?": Schizophrenia During Your Terrible Twos

• Everything I Need to Know I Learned in the Third Trimester

• Don't Sweat the Big Stuff (And It's All Big Stuff!)

• "The Toes in My Nose!": Stop Abusing Your Head to Foot Proximity

• "I Came Out of That?!": Mommy's Body Explained

• Thumb-Sucking: A Love Story

• Daddy Drinks Because You Cry

• So There Are Children Starving in China — Why Is That My Problem?

• Baby Fat Is Not Cute at Thirteen

• "Today I'm a Girl!": You & Your Sister's Closet

• From Recreational Dizziness to Eating Paste: Sally's Story

• "You Used to be So Skinny, Mommy!": 101 Useful Phrases to Stay an Only Child

• Children of Divorce — Do They Get More Stuff?

• Pampers Nation: How to Cope When Life, and Your Pants, Get Heavy