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The Bird and the Egg: An Unintentional Poem, Found in a Regional Literacy Training Newsletter that Instructs Tutors, "Read After Skill Book 1, Lesson 5"

Quinn Warnick

A woman has a shop.
In the shop she sells a bird.
In the shop she sells a snake.
In the shop she sells a fish.

The bird is in a box.
The snake is in a box.
The fish is in a pan.

Children in the shop look at the bird.
They look at the snake.
They look at the fish.

A girl yells, "Look at this!
An egg is in this box!"
She puts her hand in a box.
She picks up an egg.
The egg is in her hand.

The woman yells at the girl.
She yells, "The egg is for the bird!"
The girl gives the woman the egg.
The woman gives the egg to the bird.