The White Shoe Irregular:
It was fun while it lasted.

Questions Posed by Talk Shows at Commercial Breaks, Inviting Potential Future Guests to Call Now

Quinn Warnick

Do you want to surprise someone you love with a wedding proposal?

Do you want to confess to a friend or family member that you can't live with their strange or unusual habit anymore?

Are you a teen who wants to be a parent?

Do you have an incredible story to share about someone you met on the Internet?

Does your husband spend too much time on pornographic websites?

Are you an overweight teen who wants to confront the bully who teases you?

Does your dad need a makeover?

Are you eighteen to twenty-one and your friends think you're racist?

Does your mom need a makeover?

Are you devastated because your thirteen- or fourteen-year-old daughter is having sex, dressing sexy, and is out of control?

Do you need a makeover?

Is your teen daughter pregnant and you want the dad to marry her?

Do you suspect your mate is cheating?

Are you cheating on your mate?

Do you feel guilty?

Do you find it impossible to speak up for yourself?

Is your white family tolerant of blacks, but you don't think they could ever live with one?

Have you read House of Sand and Fog?

Do you feel trapped in a relationship due to a pregnancy?

Does your family say they're not racist — but you think they are — and you want to put them to the test?

How has remembering your Spirit inspired you?

Did you go from geek in high school to sexy adult dancer?

Worried about getting old?

What do Gary Zukav's books and shows mean to you?

Do you know someone who thinks they're ready to be a parent, but you think they're too young?

What have you learned from Dr. Phil McGraw?

Are you caught in a bizarre love triangle?

What is your Spirit?

Is your mother an aspiring DJ and you want to show off her spinning talents on the show?

[Sources: Sally Jesse Raphael, Montel Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Springer, Queen Latifah, and Maury Povich.]