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In Honor of Munawar Hussain

Representative Dennis J. Kucinich

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Mr. Munawar Hussain, a neighbor, an entrepreneur, and a friend, who serves as a fine example of what a little ambition and hard work can bring. This remarkable man gives us all hope that the American dream is still alive and well.

Mr. Hussain's story begins in 1955 in Lalamusa, Pakistan, where he was born and raised. After spending most of his young life in Pakistan, Hussain realized that he wanted more for himself. At the age of twenty-six, Hussain made the decision to come to America. Bravely, with only one dollar in his pocket, he made the long trip to the U.S. alone, without the comfort of family and friends. All he carried with him were the hopes and dreams of capturing some of the opportunity and prosperity that he knew existed in the United States.

Hussain originally settled down in New York City, where he remained for fifteen years. However, the expense of living in New York proved to be a heavy burden on Hussain. He worked as a mechanic, a taxi driver, and a limousine driver just to make ends meet. In 1996, Hussain and his brother, who had joined him in America in 1991, decided to move to Cleveland, Ohio. Together they agreed that a life in Cleveland held more promise for them than struggling to survive in the Big Apple.

Shortly after arriving in Cleveland, Hussain made a choice that would permanently change his life for the better. With little money saved, Hussain used credit cards to purchase a 7-Eleven franchise. For four years, he worked diligently to save enough capital to buy the 7-Eleven store and bring it under his private ownership. Just last week, his goal became a reality, when the sale of the 7-Eleven became final. Hussain and his brother now independently own and operate the store, which Hussain has renamed "Zishan Food Store" after his son.

Today, Hussain still lives in Cleveland, along with his wife of fifteen years and their four children.

Mr. Speaker, I ask my fellow colleagues to join me today in honoring Mr. Munawar Hussain. This kind, hardworking man should be commended for his dedication and drive to succeed. He truly serves as an inspiration to us all.

[Taken from the Congressional Record, 28 October 2000, page E1998.]