The White Shoe Irregular:
It was fun while it lasted.

Sinatra (an epic poem)

Chris Clement

[Redactor's Note: Born 12 December 1915 in Hoboken, New Jersey, Frank Sinatra was thought to be stillborn until his grandmother doused him with cold water. Today, on what would have been his eighty-fifth birthday, we honor Old Blue Eyes with Mr. Clement's epic poem. Enjoy.]

The city of white trash, New York,
Town of tribulation without end,
Once peaceful and good, no trouble
Taking control, now city of evil,
Not because of the people. Only one
Reason: a non-forsaken cult, terrorizing
All, troublesome tribulation to them.
The pain-leaving leader, Brute Boyache,
Taking individuals, innocent,
Making them guilty, forcing them to do his
Vile works. Stealing, killing, pushing city,
Falling City, to its end…

Swing singer at a local bar, casual, cool,
Basics to say for himself, none more.
Known as Franky Baby, also Frank Sinatra.
Seeing all around as persecutions partake of
These people, Franky is filled with a new song,
And vows to clean the place. As he speaks,
Another, bloodthirsty, brainwashed,
Attempts to do him in once more.
Frank, filled now with power beyond explanation,
Hurls sick man through the window of the
Balcony above the stage…

The cult, full of evil and ready to harm,
Sits in the old abandoned skyscraper,
Making a plot, smoking their pot,
Knows not of their new enemy.
He seeks to find them, destroy them.
Out of nowhere another seeks
To destroy Frank again. He lays a hand
On Frank and is scorched on contact.
Screaming with fear, he tries to run.
Franky jumps, far and high, landing in front,
Preventing escape for the neck, snapping it like
A toothpick between his nerved fingers…

The wrecked skyscraper in the heart of
White trash knows not of its fate.
But Franky is here, seeking them
That harm. No more will they rule.
Dark building, many stairs, new man of
Fame on his way up, killing any who
Confront him. Top floor, darker than
The rest, is center of evil. But Franky
Has come. He bursts through the door.
Big table, only one at the end: Brute.
Franky leaps as the bullets ring from the
Tommy gun. The super singer
Lands on the table running at top
Speed, kicks Brute square in the jaw,
Causing cracking and tearing as blood begins
To pour. Franky now destroys the
Building with cult inside as the people
Come together to celebrate Frank Sinatra.