The White Shoe Irregular:
It was fun while it lasted.

A Chinese Perspective on Dieting: Translated Passages from "Speed-Up Chinese," an Introductory Textbook

Holli J. Keel


David: You are slightly fat recently.
Wang Hong: Yes, I am getting fatter.
David: It is not advantageous to the health for being too fat.

·  ·  ·


David: What is she doing?
Wang Hong: She is doing exercise to reduce her weight.
David: Is she planning to go on a diet?
Wang Hong: Yes, she is getting fatter recently.
David: Is the doing of exercise effective?
Wang Hong: It has got no effects at all. She is still as fat as before.
David: Being fat can be nice looking too. It is unnecessary to go on a diet.

·  ·  ·


Xiao Ma is getting fatter recently. She decides to go on a diet. Her classmates give her a lot of advices on dieting: Firstly take less rice and sweet foods. Secondly, eat less rice, eat less sweet foods. Thirdly, drink dieting tea. Fourthly, take dieting medicine.

Xiao Ma has tried all the ways. She jogs every day. Does exercises daily. She even takes two meals a day and does not take sweets. She drinks dieting tea and take dieting medicine daily after buying them. However, there is no effect at all. She is still as fat and her weight is not reduced.