The White Shoe Irregular:
It was fun while it lasted.

Three Overheard Items Recently Passed Along to the Redactor Volume II

The White Shoe Staff

A Blind Man Uses a Standard Response
[submitted by William DeFord]

Man that can see: Hey. How're you doing? Good to see you.
Blind man: Good to see you.

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While En Route to Lunch, Two Interns Reconsider Their Summer Jobs
[submitted by Leah Metcalf]

Intern #1: My friend took an internship at a PR firm. And do you know who she talks to on a regular basis?
Intern #2: Who?
Intern #1: Will Smith. The Will Smith. And Jada Pinkett. She went to Jada's baby shower. Hello!
Intern #2: Wo. You picked the wrong internship.

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During One of the Many Conversations at Work Wherein a Group of Employees Are Huddled Near the Openings of Their Cubicles
[submitted by Dennis Horn]

Employee #1 [to Empl. #3]: You can buy helicopters. People have them for sale. And cheap.
Employee #2 [to Empl. #3]: Yeah, Harrison Ford flies one. Why don't you ask him where to get one?
Employee #3 [bows his head slightly and dejectedly responds]: I would, but I don't know how to get ahold of him.