The White Shoe Irregular:
It was fun while it lasted.

Three Conversations Recently Overheard at the National Zoo, and One at an Italian Restaurant (In Total, then, Four Conversations)

Quinn Warnick

Conversation #1, at the Cheetah "Preserve"
Man [to daughter, trying to arouse interest]: Wow, look at the cheetah!
Daughter: I want to see the dinosaurs.
Man [dragging said daughter away]: This is a zoo, they don't have dinosaurs.
Unrelated Woman [to friend, after man and daughter have left]: No, they do have dinosaurs. I just saw the triceratops.

Conversation #2, at the Bison Exhibit
Man [to son, approximately six years old]: Hey, think of how many hamburgers and steaks that would make.

Conversation #3, outside the "Think Tank"
Man [to son, approximately four years old]: So do you remember what the difference is between a monkey and an ape?
Me [quietly, to my wife]: There's a difference between monkeys and apes?

Conversation #4, a short time later at an Italian restaurant
Woman [to son]: Do you want some calamari?
Son: It's squid, Mom. I'm not eating it.
Older Brother: Hey, idiot, do you know what hot dogs are made of?