The White Shoe Irregular:
It was fun while it lasted.

Selected Events from the Schedule of a Free Science Fiction and Fantasy Conference Entitled, "Life, the Universe, & Everything," Held 23-25 March 2000

Quinn Warnick

Thursday, March 23

12 P.M.
Writing Track: Crisis and crises: The use of suspense, tension, and emotional color
Media Track: Tridestiny perform

1 P.M.
Create Your Own World Track: Dragon studio demo

3 P.M.
Writing Track: Getting physical: An interactive workshop on body language in writing
Academic Track: Why do organisms live where they live?

4 P.M.
Media Track: Roleplaying 101: So you want to play a game?
Academic Track: The Dune panel

6 P.M.
Media Track: Mask-making demonstration

Friday, March 24

12 P.M.
Writing Track: Power hour: potpourri
Create Your Own World Track: Dante's Inferno beastiary

1 P.M.
Media Track: Disney as purveyor of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Opening the door
Writing Track: How writers sabotage their careers

2 P.M.
Writing Track: Fantasy world building: Illustrating for younger audiences

4 P.M.
Media Track: Bonding with James Bond
Writing Track: The nostalgia hour

5 P.M.
Academic Track: Prydain illustrations

6 P.M.
Media Track: Name that S.F. tune

7:30 P.M.
Costuming fashion show

8:30 P.M.
Filk for all

Saturday, March 25

10 A.M.
Media Track: Creating your own Jedi costume
Writing Track: So you're a professional? What do you do now?

1 P.M.
Writing Track: Power hour

3 P.M.
Media Track: Japanimation vs. Saturday morning cartoons

4 P.M.
Media Track: How to succeed in costuming without really trying

6 P.M.
Gopher Bash
Media Track: Star Wars Episodes 2&3: Separating fact from fiction