The White Shoe Irregular:
It was fun while it lasted.

In Recognition of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Cool Crest

Representative Karen McCarthy

Mr. Speaker, this weekend, June 23-25, marks the fiftieth anniversary of Cool Crest Garden Golf and Game Room. This venerable complex is the oldest family entertainment center in Missouri's Fifth District. This Independence, MO, business has provided families and teens a high quality, fun, and safe area to spend time seven days a week.

Cool Crest opened in 1950 with two miniature golf courses and sprawling manicured gardens in the countryside of Eastern Jackson County. Today, apartment complexes and businesses have replaced the fields as the area around Cool Crest developed. King and Inez Patterson owned and operated the business from its beginnings, and Inez continued to operate Cool Crest after the 1986 death of her husband. The business was in the Patterson family for 46 years before Inez sold it to Frank and Jennifer Licausi in 1997. In keeping with longstanding tradition which demonstrates her committment to the company, Inez continues to work in the gardens. Because it remains a family-owned business, Cool Crest maintains its unique personal touch with its customers.

Over the years the business has expanded to include two more miniature golf courses and a state of the art game center. Through all the years, the fun, family-oriented atmosphere and safe environment remained constant. Because of Cool Crest, Independence and surrounding area families have a secure area where kids can play miniature golf and video games away from gangs, violence, drugs, and other negative influences. The miniature golf courses are challenging and unique, as they are surrounded by the flowing beauty of manicured gardens. Various challenges found on the courses include a moving rocket, an animatronic alligator, and the Eiffel Tower. The video games are cutting-edge to keep players of all ages satisfied.

I applaud the vision and dedication of the Patterson and Licausi families. The efforts of the Licausi's will ensure Cool Crest's mission to provide quality family entertainment in a clean, unique, and safe environment is afforded to all of its visitors.

Cool Crest truly is a local landmark, and I congratulate Patterson and the Licausi families on their first half century of keeping families entertained and safe. I am confident the next fifty years will be as memorable and productive in the established Cool Crest tradition.

[Taken from the Congressional Record, 23 June 2000, page E1102.]